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Business consultancy and market research are such topics that you cannot learn overnight. Also, there is no one technique that you can apply to your business. Here are some books we recommend that you should read.

Start Here

By – Clay Clark

The book includes theories supported by case studies. You will get testimonials from entrepreneurs who got successful with their businesses. From this book, you will know about the various challenges that entrepreneurs face and how they come out of them.

The Practice of Professional Coaching

By – Edward G. Varlander

Here you will understand the importance of change. The consultants can solve problems that are created due to changes in an organisation’s environment. Here you will get an insight into the business industry. You will learn about the processes, skills, and tools used by the consultants to get good results for the clients. You will learn about the best practices used by consulting firms.

Field Guide to Consulting and Organisational Development

By- Carter McNamara

Here you will learn how consulting can lead to business development. In this book, you will know about the most common issues that are found in businesses today and provide recommendations on how to address each issue. You will learn how to address many of the problems using traditional approaches. You will get tools and techniques used by the consultants in solving various business issues.

The Disruption Mindset

By – Charlene Li

Here you will know the strategies that are designed to meet the needs of customers, leadership needed to drive the business forward, and more. You will find examples of brands like Adobe, Amazon, Starbucks, and others.

These books will help you to learn more about business consulting, business development, and market research. You will be able to bring change to your business by learning more about these topics.